Customer Testimonials


I have bought many
sarees from Mithila. Wide range of Handpicked Sarees from across India is available. Mythili, of
Mithila is there at the store to give suggestions and tips. I loved this yellow and purple saree. My day is bright when I wear this. 

Geetha B U - Bangalore

Mithila is our families one-stop destination when it comes to sarees and its my favorite too,they stand out coz of the quality they maintain and designs they upgrade for the current fashion as well. If u haven't experienced Mithila till now then you must, coz it's a surreal feeling.


Shrilakshmi Bhat

Excellent collection of beautiful sarees with amazing colour

Shrivarna Hegde – Bengaluru, India.

When one has as many sarees as I do, it is difficult to have favourites, but most of my early buys (when I was building up my collections), tend to be special and from Mithila! Limited knowledge then with many limited budgets meant I had to choose with care, hence Mithila!

Suman Paul – Bengaluru, India.

It’s a pleasure to walk into Mithila, where variety of Sarees are carefully chosen, organised and presented. Their expertise is undoubtedly one of the best!

Bharati Manju - Bengaluru, India.

I have been a regular shopper at Mithila. In fact, I think 80% of all my Sarees are from Mithila, this shows how much I love
Mithila’s selection, quality and uniqueness of the Sarees. Most of all I love the friendly staff who never cringe at showing us the Sarees.

The owner Mythili and her son Aditya have a great eye and
taste for classy sarees and also know so much about the weaves of different Sarees, It's always a pleasure to listen to them talking so passionately about Sarees.

Lastly would recommend Mithila to anyone who likes to stand
out with Sarees that are classy and gives you value for money.

Meena Venugopal - Bengaluru, India & Singapore

I love my rustic patchwork and embroidered blouse purchased from the lovely shop Mithila based
in Bengaluru. I wear it with so many of my Sarees, it is so comfortable and trendy. Thanks, Mithila, for such a speedy delivery service to the UK and excellent service and communication.

Neena Shilvock – Warwickshire, UK

While planning my engagement I was very particular about the
Saree I’d be wearing, Mithila was my first choice as I had already seen their collection online. Saw this Saree within 10 minutes of entering the store and I knew then and there that this is what I wanted to wear on my engagement day. It was such a unique combination I had to have it. Thank you, Mithila, for being
such an Important part of my big day. Got so many compliments for this lovely

Roma Ganesh - Bengaluru, India.

This Saree holds a beautiful memory for me! Its a lovely baby pink georgette benares
Saree which I picked up from Mithila. I have teamed it with hot pink silk blouse and pearl jewellery. The beauty of this saree lies in the delicate veins and flowers woven into it. The zari border blends well and does not
take away the beauty of the saree, this saree is so
versatile that I wear it for pooja, parties as well as weddings! 

Mithila is an experience center
and less of a store.  They create a celebration around saree buying, 
the staff stay with you throughout and give their inputs genuinely. Every single saree at the store is beautiful, unique and is handpicked by them making
it difficult to choose from 😊.  

Shylaja Raj - Bengaluru, India.